Operation Day`s Work

Operation Day`s Work is about lecturing students about different countries and their culture, traditions and everyday-life.  This day is also about UN and the goals they try to acheive, and make people aware of how bad the living condition in many countries actually is.

Last year our school made what they call a human library, which is a set-up where they bring different people from different nationalities to teach the students about their homeland, culture, traditions and global issues they`re facing. Through this you can learn by talking to a person instead of reading a book to find this kind of knowledge.

This year we`re going to focus more on pollution and how it effect the everyday-life of people, animals and nature. Last lesson we saw some videos about exactly this. The videos made a huge impression on me. I knew that people in Africa suffered from pollution, but I had no idea it was this bad, and especially that Norway played such a big part in their suffering. It makes me sick to think about that our wealth depends on their suffering, and the worst part is that it is so unnecessary. We could easily found other ways to cover our finances, which could be more nature friendly and would not destroy anything for anyone. We`re just too lazy and stingy, to look for new solutions.


Missing journalist found murdered

The case of the missing sweedish journalist Kim Wall turn out to be a horrific murder-case after her torso was found floating in the water.

Kim was last seen on a u-boat, where she was suppouse to interview the danish inventor Peter Madsen on a daytrip with him on his self-buildt u-boat. Peter Madsen is known as an inventor and has built the worlds largest private u-boat among other things. On this trip the u-boat sank and Madsen alerted that he needed to be rescued. When Kim didn`t turn up at home her family reported her missing.

When the days goes by and the journalist is still missing, Madsen explains that he last saw her after bringing her to shore and leaving her at a harbour outside a resturant. It turns out that the resturant had security cameras outside, and it was no signs of Kim on any of the tapes from the same date. After this the police started to be sceptical towards Madsen and that the sinking of the u-boat happend at the same time the journalist went missing. The police now feared that they were dealing with a crime-case. They then decided to raise the u-boat from the seabed to search for the jornalist inside. The u-boat was empty, but they found traces of blood.

Now Madsen change his story for the third time, telling the police it happend an accident on board where the journalist died, and he then threw her body over borad. Later someone spotted an odd object floating in the waterline, which turned out to be a torso of a human body. The DNA from the torso matched with the missing journalist. This was no longer a missing-case, but a murder-case. The torso had marks and bruises from attempts of pressing the air out of the corps, and it  was also attatched  metal to it. Obviously to prevent the body from floating up to the surface.

The police have now arrested Madsen in suspicion of  murdering the jornalist, and they are still in a search for the missing parts of her body.

This crime-case is also similar to another old crime-case where they found a torso floating in the sea outside København, wich happend 30 years ago.