My son`s a fanatic vs. Free for all

Both the stories reflects multicultural conflicts and cultural misunderstanding. In the story “My son`s a fanatic” the eldest son want to experience of the culture is family left when they immigrated to London. He then decided to convert to Islam. His father who does everything to adapt the culture of his new country,  and desperately tries to become as English as possible, since you have a lot more possibilities here comparing to Pakistan.  He then gets frustrated when he sees his son slides further and further away for London’s culture.

Likewise, in the other text “Free for all” it is the father who has a problem with adapting the culture in U.S. He holds on to his old values and traditions. This creates effects the relationship with his son who has grown up in U.S and adapted the american culture very well, and is therefore not familiar with the Pakistan culture.

Firstly, the  stories shows how different two culture can be, and how easily culture misunderstandings can occur with lack of knowledge of another culture. Secondly, it shows how hard it can be for immigrants to adapt or come to another country where the culture is so modernist comparing to their homeland.  Many people criticize immigrants for having too strict discipline, but they don`t consider that they don`t know any better. They have never been introduced to another way of thinking. I think these stories shows that in other cultures they may expect more of their kids, more respect and obedience then many parents in our culture would expect for us.



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